We used Jessica Litwack to help us sleep train our son at 13 months.  We loved the Gentle Sleep approach –  she taught us strategies to help him get to sleep and sleep through the night without us having the guilt of listening to him “cry it out.”  He caught on very quickly, and we are able to reuse the strategy when he gets off track due to illness or traveling.  I would highly recommend using Jessica to help sleep train your child!

-Meredith & Kevin, parents to Nate 13 months

Jessica was an absolute pleasure to work with! She was very supportive, knowledgable, and helped my husband and I develop a plan tailored to fit our child’s specific sleep needs. Even after the initial consultation, she was very accessible and willing to answer questions along the way.  If you’re struggling with sleep, we would highly recommend talking to Jessica!

-Erica, mom to Luke 5 months

Jessica saved our family! Not having our child sleep through the night on a regular basis for nearly a year, was SO difficult. Jessica started working with our family when our son was 11 months old and I (his mom) was at my wits end. Our family was exhausted. I finally decided to contact a sleep consultant, because clearly what we were doing was not working. Previously, we tried a modified Ferber-Method around four months and six months without consistent success. Our son was still sleeping very unpredictability. While I was researching consultants, Jessica’s method spoke to me! The gentle approach coincided with my philosophy of nurturing and supporting my child while he learns a new skill (sleep). Upon first contact with Jessica, she was supportive, accessible and nurturing. We met (quickly) and she educated us about her method and created a personalized plan for our son. But her support didn’t end there, which was key. She e-mailed and called to offer guidance and support as we navigated through this process. Jessica didn’t leave us stranded when new challenges came up. This made a huge difference for us. She empowered and encouraged us throughout sleep training. As if our son had been waiting for her to come along and teach us how to teach him to sleep, he took to this method like a fish to water! It has been a blessing! We can see a difference in his happiness since he’s been sleeping through the night. I was just saying to my husband the other day that I don’t go to sleep with anxiety wondering what time we’ll be awake each night. The gift of sleep is amazing for our whole family. Thank you, Jessica!

-Sidni, mom to Mason 11 months

As a first time mother, I really felt like I had no clue what I was doing when it came to trying to get my baby to sleep. My husband and I literally pulled out every trick, plus some in the book to only have our daughter sleep 30 minutes.  Months passed and it seemed that rather than her sleep getting better, it only got worse. To top it off, our tricks were no longer working and in order to get our baby to sleep it seemed to take a daunting 3-4 hours (crazy but true) of doing anything and everything for only a small amount of rest. Believe it or not, at 8 months I hit a breaking point (I can’t believe it took me that long). I was at a point where I was so upset about my daughter’s lack of sleep, as well as, extremely sleep deprived. I stressed about it all the time and really would not leave the house for fear of being “off” of whatever schedule I thought we had. I had read every book, talked endlessly about it with other mothers (funny…everyone else’s babies were sleeping just fine), and researched it to death on the web. With all my resources exhausted I had no clue what to do. In a last ditch effort to “get the answer” I wrote in another sleep question on mamaSpace. Moments later, Jessica responded with deepest sympathy relating to my baby sleep woes. She had recognized how many posts I wrote about sleep issues and explained to me she had the same thing with her little one, prompting her to become a sleep coach. I felt a bit of relief and decided to hire her. BEST THING I EVER DID!!!


Although Jessica was in a different state, we were able to Facetime and discuss the issues going on. She related to my husband and me and helped us to identify areas for us to work on with our little one. She listened to us and was empathetic to what we were going through and really took a lot of time in discussing our new routine we would be putting in place. Throughout our time working with her, she was always available, which I greatly appreciated. I seemed to always have a question about something and in the beginning often struggled with the thought of “I am doing this right”. Jessica was more than a sleep coach to me; not only guiding me through this new mommy challenge, but more importantly instilling confidence in what I was doing. I would highly recommend Jessica! If she could help our baby sleep, she can help anyone!

-Claire, mom to Shelby 7 months

Our 6 month old was a TERRIBLE sleeper, and had been since birth. But especially after the 4 month sleep regression, was up every 1 or 2 hours at night. Every night. My husband and I, who both work full-time, were at our wit’s end and knew something had to change. I learned of Jessica and her services through The Sleep Lady’s website, and we decided “what could it hurt to get a little extra help?!”  My husband and I had both read Good Night, Sleep Tight by Kim West, but wanted to really improve our chances of success. So, we hired Jessica and after our first consultation I was SO GLAD that we did!!  She was patient, thorough, encouraging, and relatable. She really took the time to learn about our son – his preferences, cues, habits, and crutches – and helped us develop a game plan that would get him sleeping better.  Working with Jessica and having our ‘but what if’ questions answered gave us such peach of mind and validation before, during, and after the sleep training.  In just a couple of days, our son went from being up at ALL hours and needing to be walked/bounced/rocked to sleep, to putting HIMSELF to sleep and getting up once, maybe twice briefly. After 2 weeks, he was sleeping through the night!!!!  We learned so much during this process. Parents – if bedtime is a time of dread for you (like it was for us) and you’re so exhausted from being up round the clock night after night, you KNOW that sleep is a priceless gift!!  We can’t thank Jessica enough for helping us get to where we are – all 3 of us are now rested and happy!!  Worth. Every. Penny.

-Carrie & Erik, parents to Landon 6 months

Jessica was such a pleasure to work with. She catered to our daughters needs and developed a plan that would suit not only our daughter, but that would work with our daily schedule as well. Our daughter went from screaming when we would near the crib to actually sleeping in it!

-Nicole & Jackson, parents to Lorelei 8 months

I’m not a CIO mommy and Jessica helped me to understand that every baby is different and they all have different needs when it comes to sleep. She helped develop a plan for MY baby and while it took patience on my part, it worked and I have a fantastic self soother and sleeper!

-Anya, mom to Davi 6 months

Our toddler always struggled with bedtime, we thought we had tried everything, even cry it out for 1 day.  When we enrolled in Jessica’s sleep class, we talked about about Liam’s daily routine, which is when we learned about sleep cues.  When Liam gets overly hyper or agitated, we found it wasn’t anything more than his cry for bed.  If we let this go on for too long, he would catch his second wind and bedtime would be even harder.  Once we started noticing the cues, and adjusting his schedule to avoid getting to the point of no return, we were able to manage bed time with much more ease.  We would highly recommend Jessica’s services to any parent that struggles with bedtime!  

-Roma & Justin, parents to Liam 2.5 years

We used Jessica and we were so happy with the results. We had tried other sleep experts before seeing Jessica and never had long lasting results or long lasting support. Jessica also worked with what we were comfortable with and came up with a gentle plan that we were able to stick with because we were comfortable with the techniques. We had major successes from the very first night.

-Mendy & Clint,

parents to Jack and Conner age 2.5 years

Our daughter was a great sleeper from the start and when our son came along two years later, we had no idea what to do when he still wasn't sleeping through the night at 6 months.  Jessica was a lifesaver!  She helped us develop a plan that we were very comfortable with and that she felt optimistic about.  When I heard Jessica say that she thought our son was going to sleep so much better after implementing the plan, I honestly felt like a huge weight had been lifted from my shoulders and after two weeks of following her program, he was sleeping between 11 and 12 hours at night.  I highly recommend Jessica if you or someone you know is having trouble getting their baby to sleep.  I am so grateful that we got the chance to work with her.

-Erin & Nick, parents to Noah 8 months

Jessica was an absolute lifesaver for our family! For months, our infant daughter would wake up every 2-3 hours during the night and cry in her crib until we would hold her and rock her back to sleep. We were so sleep deprived by the time she was seven months old, we couldn't see straight! Jessica brought hope, peace, and restfulness back into our lives! As she made a plan that would work with our family, she made sure to thoughtfully learn about our daughter's individual needs, habits, and temperament. Using all this information, she created a detailed, comprehensive plan that was really tailored to Charlotte's needs. We found success with Jessica's plan right from the beginning, and she was there all along the way to provide feedback, encouragement, and tips as we needed them! Now our daughter sleeps 11 hours straight each night, and is able to put herself back to sleep if she wakes up. We cannot express how grateful we are for all of Jessica's help and expertise! She made such a positive difference in our family's life. 

-Alison & Kevin, parents to Charlotte 6 months

Before we met with Jessica, we were struggling with our 9 month old daughter's sleep (day and night). I was relying on nursing to get her to sleep for naps and at night. Due to the fact that she relied on nursing to go to sleep, she was unable to put herself back to sleep when she woke in the night.I had to nap with her, in order for her to sleep longer than 30 minutes. Eventually, nursing no longer worked to get her to sleep as well. Exhausted and out of "tricks" to try to get her to sleep, we reached out to Jessica. We were immediately drawn to her gentle sleep coaching approach. Working closely with us, Jessica developed a customized plan that we were comfortable with. We really appreciated her support and the fact that she was always available if we had questions. She was always checking in to see our progress and to offer helpful advice. Thanks to Jessica, our daughter was putting herself to sleep and sleeping through the night within a couple of nights of implementing our plan. We used the same techniques for naps with great success! I am thrilled to say our daughter, now 16 months, is an excellent sleeper. We are all happier and well rested! My only regret is that we didn't reach out to Jessica sooner. I would highly recommend Jessica to anyone needing sleep guidance for their child/children. You won't be disappointed!

-Tara & Steve, parents to Everly 9 months

We contacted Jessica when our son was 4 months old.  He was a terrible sleeper and napper from day one.  We relied HEAVILY on nursing to sleep and the use of bouncing on a yoga ball to get him to sleep!  He was also very dependent on sleeping in a rock n play for night time sleep.  At four months old, he was as big as a nine month old, so we were ready for him to transition out of the rock n play in our room and into his own crib and room.  Jessica came to our home to evaluate the sleeping arrangements and she was incredibly flexible in her coaching so that we did not feel pressured to do anything we were not comfortable with (for example, "cry it out").  Our plan was so specific to our needs and she provided continued support until we reached our sleep goals.  We haven't had to revisit our plan since our son was six months old.  Currently, at nine months old, our son sleeps through the night and naps well for anyone now. Babysitters are shocked at how easy it is for him to soothe himself to sleep. I have recommended Jessica to many friends having sleep issues.  Hiring Jessica was the best money I ever spent!

-Kathleen and Dave, parents to Josh 5 months

Before we started working with Jessica, our daughter was waking every hour and only slept when she was held or laying next to us in the bed. After 6 months of this, we were exhausted and didn't know what to do. After being referred to Jessica by a family friend, we decided to give her gentle sleep methods a try. We worked with her to create a plan that met our needs and fit our specific situation. Jessica was such a pleasure to work with and helped us get through all the bumps we came across along the way. Our daughter is now sleeping through the night in her own crib! She is a much happier baby and we're happier parents too! 

-Mackenzie & Jake, parents of Eliza 5 months




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